Charles Ramsey Visits Washington DC

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Friday night manager Amanuel Zegeye took a picture with a customer in D.C. from Cleveland whose life – and the lives of others – have changed dramatically in the wake of his remarkable discovery. The Cleveland customer was Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who helped free three women allegedly held hostage for years by Ariel Castro. Ramsey was in the district this weekend to appear on the Rock Newman Show. His story of responding to Amanda Berry’s cries for help and ripping apart a door so she could escape still mesmerizes. And video of Ramsey being interviewed after the rescue has gone viral. It even inspired mash-up music videos on “She said get me out of here. Who are you? Hurry up…he might be coming back,” Ramsey recounted on the Rock Newman Show. Police arrived to free the other two women – Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Castro now faces multiple kidnapping and rape charges. If convicted, he will become the imprisoned. His brothers Onil and Pedro were initially detained then cleared of all suspicion in connection with the alleged hostage-taking. The brothers insist they had nothing to do with the alleged depravity the police say unfolded inside the house of horrors.

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